Browser Extensions

Webstars is a search extension to power social media influencers to make an impact in the world. We enable the users to see a beautiful new wallpaper scenery daily on our Chrome extension home tabs. Add the Webstars browser extension to your web Chrome browser and join us in making this world a better place!
We have browser extensions available for Chrome and will be available to Edge and Firefox browsers soon.

What does the browser extension do?

The browser extension does three things:

  • 1. It sets your homepage to
  • 2. It opens every time you open a new tab
  • 3. It sets your default search engine to This allows you to type any search query into your address bar and your search will be executed on

How do I install the browser extension?

Click on the link (goes to Chrome Store page for Webstars) to install Webstars on your browser...

Then simply follow the on-screen instructions and click “Yes”, “OK” or “Allow” when prompted.

Disclosure - "The search experience will be provided by Bing"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Use Webstars to search?

    Since the lockdowns started in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, the world has never been the same. Most people have had to stay home and not been able to be productive or be active like in normal times. Many have become depressed, and want to do something positive to make an impact in the world. With the Webstars search, you now have the power to make the world a better place through the click of a mouse.

  • Where do Webstars search results come from?

    Webstars currently uses the Bing for the search results. This includes our web search results, as well as our image, video and news search results.